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    Nightcore Gamers GunZ Updates 29-4-2016



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    Nightcore Gamers GunZ Updates 29-4-2016

    Post by Bvl on Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:03 pm

    Hi Nightcore Gamers,

    First post of the Forum. We added lots of new features since our last release.

    NEW custom maps / clothes-sets
    New VIP system
    You can record with the format. Avi in the game, press F10!
    Passwords for clan rooms (Channels)- up to 15 character!
    The option to replace the songs of the BGM.
    The option to view you're HP and AP by holding F9.
    Premium meds that give 20/20 HP , AP
    Awesome and useful donate sets (15hp,5ap) and more
    Rejoin possibility in clan war (/rejoin)
    Clan reset possibility in game (/clan reset)
    Screenshot View at Lobby (Lobby)
    Safe-Great Donate system.
    Enhanced graphics system
    You can use up to 11 crosshair in the game.
    Smooth map can be run through the game Options
    You can remove the ability to replace uniforms wheel.
    Weapons buyabale from level 1.
    Clan Wars.

    King regards,

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